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Cla-Val 210-01 & 610-01- Altitude Valve for One-Way Flow Control Valve

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Challenger Valves is proud to offer the Cla-Val 210-01 and 610-01 Altitude Valves as the Australian supplier of Cla-Val products. These valves are specifically designed to control high water levels in reservoirs without requiring floats or other devices. The non-throttling valves remain fully open until the shut-off point is reached and are engineered for one-way flow only.

Our valves can also be furnished with auxiliary controls to meet multiple functions, including pressure sustaining, pressure reduction, rate of flow control, solenoid override, and more. They are ideal for use on reservoirs where water is withdrawn through a separate line or bypass equipped with a check valve. The valve opens to refill the reservoir when the water level drops below the shut-off level.

For more information on our Cla-Val products, please refer to data sheet E-CDS6A. Count on Challenger Valves to provide you with high-quality valves to meet all your industrial needs.

Cla-Val Solenoid Control Valve 210-01 & 610-01


Solenoid Control Valve
210-01 & 610-01
  • Ductile Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Buna-N® Rubber
  • DN25-DN900

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