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Plug Valve - K-PV1

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Data Sheet

Flanged Plug Valve - KPV-1

The Flanged Plug Valve from Challenger Valves is a robust and reliable valve designed and manufactured in accordance with AWWA C517 standards. This valve features an eccentric design that allows the rubber encapsulated ductile iron plug to rotate away from the seat as soon as movement commences, minimizing friction and wear.

The valve's body is coated with FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy), providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The 95% nickel welded seat and heat encapsulated plug further enhance corrosion resistance and ensure optimal performance even in demanding environments.

With its flow area accounting for at least 80% of the pipe area, the Flanged Plug Valve offers effective throttling performance for water, wastewater with solids, sludge, and slurries. The standard rubber encapsulated plug is made of NBR Nitrile, with additional options of EPDM and Neoprene available to suit specific medium requirements.

The internal and external coatings of the valve comply with AS 4158 standards, ensuring long-lasting protection against corrosion. The mounting flange conforms to ISO 5211, allowing for direct actuator mounting, simplifying the automation process.

The plug rotates in a permanently lubricated Alloy Bronze bearing located under the cover, ensuring smooth operation and reducing maintenance needs. The "V" design rubber packing effectively reduces maintenance time and prevents silt and debris ingress.

The face-to-face dimensions of the valve conform to ISO 5752 standards, providing compatibility and interchangeability. When the plug is fully closed, it is pressed firmly into the seat by the medium, ensuring a drip-tight seal.

In summary, the Flanged Plug Valve from Challenger Valves is a reliable and corrosion-resistant valve designed for efficient flow control in various applications. With its eccentric design, durable construction, effective throttling performance, and compliance with industry standards, it is an excellent choice for demanding environments. Choose the Flanged Plug Valve for its exceptional performance and long-lasting reliability.

Challenger Valve Plug Valve K-PV1


Challenger Valve
Plug Valve
  • Ductile Iron
  • DN50-DN400 (PN16)
  • DN450-DN1600 (PN10)
  • Flanged
Connection standard
  • AS4087 B5 (Table D)
Pressure rating
  • PN16
Design standard
  • AWWA C517
Operating temperature
  • 0-65°C

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