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Cla-Val 790-01- Pressure Reducing Control Valve

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As the Australian distributors of Cla-Val products, Challenger Valves is proud to offer the Cla-Val Model 790-01, a hydraulic, pilot-operated automatic control valve designed for pressure reducing service. This valve has only two main parts: a stainless steel body and an elastomeric liner or control element.

Pressure reducing valves are essential for lowering pipeline pressure to a predetermined set point. The Cla-Val Model 790-01 automatically controls downstream pressure, regardless of changes in inlet pressure, from no flow to full open flow. Its precise outlet pressure control is achieved with negligible friction and hysteresis from the valve and pilot, providing smooth operation.

The Cla-Val Model 790-01 is designed to operate without chattering or slamming under low flow conditions, eliminating the need for a second smaller size control valve to obtain accurate pressure control at low flow rates. Additionally, this valve can control pressure right down to shutoff, regardless of size.

We also offer pressure reducing valves that can be supplied as a combination with a check valve. Our control systems are fully piped at the factory, and the Cla-Val Model 790-01 is shipped ready for installation. Choose Challenger Valves for high-quality Cla-Val products to meet all your industrial needs.

Cla-Val Pressure Reducing Control Valve 790-01


Pressure Reducing Control Valve
  • Bronze/Stainless Steel*, Buna-N®
  • Natural Rubber, 65 durometer (standard)
  • DN50-DN300
  • ANSI B16.5 class 150 (fits class 125) or ANSI B16.5 class 300 (fits class 250)
Pressure rating
  • 720 psi
Operating temperature
  • 0°c - 70°c

Optional Extras

  • Liner in Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone (available)