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5-2 Solenoid Valve - SN4000

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Solenoid Valve 5 Port 2 Position - Model SN4000

Introducing the Model SN4000 Solenoid Valve, a cutting-edge solution from Challenger Valves designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance in pneumatic actuator applications. This 5 Port 2 Position solenoid valve is specifically engineered to meet the demands of compressed air and inert gases.

Featuring a NAMUR direct mount, the SN4000 valve seamlessly integrates with pneumatic actuators, ensuring a secure and efficient connection. It comes complete with a DIN plug for quick and hassle-free electrical connections, enhancing convenience during installation and maintenance. The 1/4" BSP connections further contribute to the valve's versatility and compatibility.

The Model SN4000 Solenoid Valve offers a range of voltage options to suit various operational requirements, including 240V AC, 110V AC, 24V AC, 24V DC, and 415V 3 Phase. This wide selection allows for seamless integration into diverse control systems.

With its die-cast aluminum valve body, aluminum spool, NBR seals, stainless steel spring, zinc pressure die-cast cap, glass-filled nylon pilot parts, stainless steel armature, and Viton armature seals, the SN4000 valve ensures exceptional durability, reliability, and longevity.

Operating within a pressure range of 1.5 to 10 BAR, this solenoid valve delivers efficient sectional area performance. It offers a fast response time of 30ms or less at 5 BAR pressure, allowing for precise and prompt actuation.

Additional features of the Model SN4000 Solenoid Valve include a manual override push button, F-Class or equivalent coil insulation, permissible voltage variation of ±10%, and low power consumption.

In summary, the Model SN4000 Solenoid Valve combines robust construction, efficient operation, and versatile voltage options to provide superior performance in pneumatic actuator applications. With its NAMUR direct mount, DIN plug, wide pressure range, fast response time, and high-quality materials, this valve exemplifies Challenger Valves' commitment to excellence and reliability. Choose the SN4000 Solenoid Valve for exceptional performance and seamless integration with your pneumatic systems.

Challenger Valves Solenoid Valve SN4000


Challenger Valves
Solenoid Valve
  • Die-Cast Aluminium
Connection standard
  • Namur
Operating temperature
  • 5-60ºC

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