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Check Valve - BCV4

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Tilting Disc Check Valve - BCV4


The Tilting Disc Check Valve from Challenger Valves is a highly efficient valve designed for reliable flow control and prevention of backflow. This valve features a seal on disc design, ensuring a tight seal and preventing leakage.


The slanted seat design of the valve offers a short closing time and reduces the potential for water hammer creation, thanks to the reduced stroke. This design minimizes the impact of closing, enhancing the valve's performance and longevity.


The double eccentric design of the Tilting Disc Check Valve minimizes friction by eliminating contact between the seal and seat ring when the valve is open. This reduces wear and ensures a long service life for the valve.


The pin and dowel disc to through shaft connection provides a positive and high-strength connection, enhancing the valve's stability and durability. The lever and weight can be interchangeable and mounted on either the left or right-hand side of the valve, offering flexibility in installation.


The Tilting Disc Check Valve is suitable for both vertical and horizontal pipeline applications, providing versatility for various system configurations. The body of the valve includes integral disc travel stops to prevent disc overtravel and jamming.


The adjustable weight of the valve allows for adaptability to individual working conditions, ensuring optimal performance. The seat ring and seals are replaceable, facilitating maintenance and extending the valve's service life.


As a standard feature, the Tilting Disc Check Valve includes a safety cage to meet OH&S requirements, enhancing safety during operation. An optional hydraulic dampener (dashpot) can be included to enable slow closing, preventing slamming caused by reverse flow.

In summary, the Tilting Disc Check Valve from Challenger Valves offers efficient flow control and backflow prevention. With its seal on disc design, slanted seat design, durable construction, adjustable weight, and safety features, it is an excellent choice for various applications. Choose the Tilting Disc Check Valve for its reliability, durability, and exceptional performance.

Challenger Valve Tilting Disc Check Valve BCV4


Challenger Valve
Tilting Disc Check Valve
  • Ductile Iron
  • DN200 - DN1200
  • Flanged
Connection standard
  • AS2129 Table D, E
  • AS4087 B5
  • AS4331.2
  • other drillings available on request
Pressure rating
  • AS4794 - PN16
Design standard
  • BS EN593:2004
Operating temperature
  • 100°C (Max)

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