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Ball Valve - SSRV2

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Threaded 2 Piece Ball Valve - SSRV2

Water Mark Approved

The Threaded 2 Piece Ball Valve from Challenger Valves is a high-quality valve designed specifically for potable water applications. It is WaterMark approved, ensuring compliance with industry standards and providing peace of mind for water-related installations.

This ball valve features a durable 2-piece stainless steel construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. The threaded BSPT ends provide secure and leak-free connections in various piping systems.

With its full bore design, the valve allows for unrestricted flow and minimal pressure drop, optimizing system performance. The lockable lever handle allows for easy operation and provides added security by preventing unauthorized tampering with the valve position.

The blowout proof stem design enhances safety by preventing the stem from being blown out under high-pressure conditions. The investment cast body construction ensures high-quality manufacturing, resulting in a robust and long-lasting valve.

The Threaded 2 Piece Ball Valve has a pressure rating of 1000 PSI (PN63), making it suitable for handling high-pressure applications. It has a wide working temperature range of -20°C to 200°C, allowing for reliable performance in various operating environments.

In summary, the Threaded 2 Piece Ball Valve from Challenger Valves offers exceptional quality and performance for potable water applications. With its WaterMark approval, stainless steel construction, threaded BSPT ends, full bore design, lockable lever handle, blowout proof stem, investment cast body, high-pressure rating, and wide temperature range, it is an excellent choice for water-related installations. Choose the Threaded 2 Piece Ball Valve for its reliability, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

Ray Valve Ball Valve SSRV2


Ray Valve
Ball Valve
  • Stainless Steel
  • DN8-DN50
  • BSPT
Pressure rating
  • 1000PSI WOG (PN63)
Design standard
  • WaterMark Approved
Operating temperature
  • -20°C~200°C

Optional Extras

  • Replacement Seal Kits available