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Butterfly Valve - BFL-AGA

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Resilient Seated Lugged Butterfly Valve - BFL

Australian Gas Association (AGA) Approved

The Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve from Challenger Valves is a high-quality valve designed and tested in accordance with AS4617 Manually Operated Gas Valves standards. It is certified by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) with License No: AGA 8961 G, ensuring compliance with industry requirements for gas applications.

This butterfly valve features bi-directional bubble-tight sealing, providing a reliable and leak-free operation in both flow directions. The vulcanized seat to the body construction ensures minimal seat deformation when compressed between flanges, resulting in low operation torques.

The valve's construction includes a high-strength one-piece through-shaft secured by precision taper pins, ensuring a strong and reliable connection between the disc and stem. The blow-out proof stem enhances operator safety and eliminates OH&S concerns.

To enhance durability and prolong valve life, the heavy-duty shaft bushing absorbs side thrusts, reducing wear and promoting disc alignment.

The Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve has a lugged concentric seal on body design and is available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 200mm. It has a pressure rating of 1050kPa and complies with ISO5752 Series 20/AS4795.1 face-to-face dimensions. Flange drilling options include AS4087 PN16 (Table D), AS2129 Table E, and ANSI B16.5 #150.

The valve is coated with fusion-bonded epoxy in accordance with AS4158 AKZO Nobel R4-ES HJF01R, providing excellent corrosion resistance. It has a temperature range of -10°C to 80°C and has undergone pressure testing according to AS4617/AS4795.1, including a negative pressure test of 0.1MPa (vacuum).

In summary, the Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve from Challenger Valves is a reliable and durable valve suitable for gas applications. With its certifications, superior sealing, robust construction, and adherence to industry standards, it is an excellent choice for various applications. Choose the Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve for its quality and performance assurance.


Challenger Valves Butterfly Valve BFL-AGA


Challenger Valves
Butterfly Valve
  • Ductile Iron
  • DN50-DN200
  • Lugged
Connection standard
  • AS4087 PN16 (Table D)
  • AS2129 Table E
  • ANSI B16.5 #150
Pressure rating
  • 1050kPa
Design standard
  • Australian Gas Association (AGA) approved
  • AS4795.1
Operating temperature
  • Nitrile –10°C to 80°C

Optional Extras

  • Stainless Steel Lever
  • Stainless Steel Notch Plate
  • Extension Spindles
  • Lockable Gearbox
  • Jotun Epoxy Coating
  • Chainwheel Operation
  • Limit Switches