Heavy Duty Worm Gearbox
with Travelling Nut Input Stop and MOV Pad

  • Inbuilt travel nut which provides positive travel stop by a number of turns
  • Stocked as standard with MOV mounting pad for adaption of accessories such as electric actuators, dial indicators, extension spindles and many others
  • Suitable for use with Butterfly, Plug and any other valve type requiring quarter turn motion for torque applications
  • Castings are Ductile Iron, class 65-45-12 providing high strength and impact resistance
  • Housing covers have "Close-Open-Close" cast directly on the cover which permits operation in either clock or ant-clock close direction with position indication
  • All units are furnished with removable splined bushings to permit accurate position between the gear drive and the valve shaft
  • Drive sleeve is furnished with hardened steel thrust washers above and below the worm gear that minimize friction loss between the gear and ductile iron castings
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 420J2 input shaft
  • Gears are machine cut, heat treated and ground for optimum operation
  • The unit is completely O-Ring sealed suitable for temporary submersion to meet IP68 Class
  • Handwheels
  • Chainwheels
  • Position Dial Indicators
  • Vertical input

Product Specifications

Data Sheet

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