Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
Lugged DN50-DN150
AGA Approved Model LSSN-AGA

  • LSSN-AGA (Lever Operator Only)
  • Quality product designed and manufactured oiin Australia since 1984
  • Approved for Gas 1050kpa
  • End of line service/isolation, full PN16 rating - downstream flange removed
  • Bi-directional bubble tight sealing
  • Unique “Bed Groove & Dovetail” liner profile, positively locks into the precision machined body, ensuring minimal operational wear, extending service life and improved valve performance
  • Unique “Triple Shaft Safety Sealing”, primary, secondary & tertiary shaft seals preventing uncontrol led torque increases and fugitive emissions to atmosphere
  • High strength one piece shaft eliminates pins and bolts
  • Fully repairable, simple field replaceable liner/seat which reduces downtime and increases plant efficiency
  • Blow-Out proof stem ensures operator safety and eliminates OH&S issues
  • Heavy duty shaft bushing ensures disc alignment & absorbs side thrusts, reducing valve wear whilst prolonging valve life
  • Suitable for high repetition, actuated applications
  • Precision disc machining ensures mirror image of seat profile enhancing low torque operation & reduced liner wear
  • Robust, extended neck allows easy installation of insulation and ensures bearing Integrity
  • Flange seal connection is ensured with moulded double “O” rings seals eliminating the requirement for flange gaskets
  • DN50-DN150
  • Stainless Steel Lever
  • Stainless Steel Notch Plate
  • Jotun Epoxy Coating
  • Extension Spindles
  • Lockable Gearbox
  • Chainwheel Operation
  • Limit Switches

Product Specifications

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