Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
Lugged DN350-DN600
Model LSSE-W

  • LSSE-W (Gearbox Operator)
  • Quality product designed to "Challenger" specifications
  • Bi-directional bubble tight sealing at full rated pressure, ideal for control applications
  • Phenolic backed seat is blow out proof and easily field replaceable
  • Triple shaft bearings located at the top, middle and bottom of the valve act as a bearing lubricant, preventing shaft or disc deflection, provides precision disc positioning, easy operation while reducing component wear
  • Bearings provide secondary seal points to liner preventing ingress of media into the shaft cavity area
  • Shaft sealing: O-rings are located in the upper, middle and lower preventing the ingress of foreign matter and media, in addition it also protects against corrosion
  • Moulded in O-rings on the seat seal against the shaft to protect against the ingress of foreign media and corrosion
  • The entire wetted area of the valve body is rubber lined providing complete corrosion protection
  • Reliable one piece shaft ensures higher stability and greater disc control
  • Mounting flange complies with ISO5211 allowing for direct mounting
  • Installation can be made on any angle
  • Maintenance free design
  • Suitable for vacuum service
  • Precision taper pins ensure positive connection with the disc, avoiding blow out under pressure and vibration, they are also easily replaceable
  • DN350-DN600
  • Epoxy coating to AS4158 and AS4020 Jotun Tankgard 412
  • Gearbox operation
  • Lockable gearbox
  • Actuators: Electric or Pneumatic
  • Torque limiting devices
  • Buried service
  • Submerged service
  • Extension Spindles

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