Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
Eccentric Seal On Disc DN350-DN3000
Model FBGX

  • FBGX
  • Operation can be via Worm Gear (gearbox), Pneumatic, or Electric Actuators
  • Eccentric Disc, dual parallel joist Structure
  • Minimum flow obstruction, vibration free even with high flow rates (this helps with energy saving)
  • Stainless Steel seat arrangement
  • The unique sealing ring has "saw" toothed sides which is directly embedded into the disc and is bolt free
  • Easy in-line replacement of seal, uniformed and tight sealing
  • Aspiratory rubber sealing ring prolongs service life
  • Unique tapered pin design which is bolt free and it’s clearance free connection and eccentric design maintain the strength of the shaft
  • Large contact areia (tight for long service and good exchangeability)
  • Excellent sealing, which is leakage free even under ±1 degree offset between sealing ring and seat
  • Self-lubricating type shaft bearing allows the friction to be low (No lubrication is required)
  • DN350-DN1000 (PN16)
  • DN1200-DN3000 (PN10)
  • IP68 Buried Service
  • IP67 Above Ground Service
  • Jotun Epoxy Coating
  • Actuators: Electric or Pneumatic
  • Extension Spindles
  • Lockable Gearbox
  • Chainwheel Operation
  • Limit switches

Product Specifications

Data Sheet

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