Electronically Actuated PRV Pilot c/w X143IP Hydro Power Generator

Challenger recently commissioned a 150mm PRV fitted with Cla-Val's X117E Valve Position Transmitter & CRD-34 electronically actuated PRV Pilot. The valve is controlled by Cla-Val's VC22D Valve Controller which is powered via Cla-Val's X143IP Hydro Power Generator to supply power to this non-powered site. The VC22D Valve Controller is also connected to a RTU (also powered by the X143IP Power Generator) to enable site information to be transmitted to the Control Room via SCADA.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of the products utilised on this valve.
• 390-02 Pressure Control Valve
• X117E Valve Position Transmitter
• X143IP Hydro Power Generator
• VC22D Valve Controller